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Can Companies Regulate Workplace Romance? Is Managing the Workplace Romance Legal?

Can Companies Regulate Workplace Romance? Is Managing the Workplace Romance Legal?

Workplace relationship is an unavoidable problem which comes up in just about any work place, plus it’s crucial for HR managers and workers to learn and comprehend the companies’ policies and rules managing this topic that is delicate.

Whenever relationships with colleagues don’t work-out, both companies and workers may face issues that include prospective harassment that is sexual discrimination claims, identified favoritism by other workers or prospective conflict of passions.

Some studies into the past have indicated that a good most of businesses and companies in Florida would not have a definite policy to deal with office romances, even though wide range of businesses which have taken actions towards managing this dilemma doubled within the final ten years. But, whenever a company has a recognised policy, it has a tendency to discourage workers from dating, instead of to strictly forbid it.

Fraternization and Other Workplace Policies

Fraternization is described as an inter-employee relationship that varies from normal colleagues interactions, often including intimate or sexual participation.

Fraternization policy (generally known as dating policy or non-fraternization policy) is a team-norm, a couple of directions that employers establish in an effort to make sure workers realize work norms and workplace behavior guidelines in addition to boundaries regarding intimate relationships and dating with peers. Continue Reading