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Required Documents

Nothing can be processed without proper documentation. A set of documents are required to even begin the procedure of recruitment. We will need the following:

Demand letter
We will first need a copy of demand letter from the employer containing details of the vacancy/demand. The demand should specify the type of worker required, nature and the number of worker, wages/salary, qualification, experience and other terms and Condition of service and benefits which the employer would like to offer.

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney will defined authority which will clearly state that we have been given the power to recruit manpower from Nepal. Therefore a power of attorney is a legal confirmation from the employer. This is important to meet legal standards and arrange all the necessary formalities required by the labor and immigration laws of Nepal. This power of Attorney must be properly endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce and finally attested by the Nepalese Embassy located at the country of employment

Agency/Employment Agreement
There must be a written Employment Agreement between themselves stating fully and precisely the terms and conditions regarding demand and supply of manpower from Nepal. This agreement must be signed by both parties towards acceptance of stated terms to execution of the recruitment procedure. This agreement must be attested by the Royal Nepal Embassy. This is the agreement between the employer and us must be signed & stamped by both parties for mutual consensus.

Employment Contract
Employment Contract is a document that mentions in detail the job category, wages and other benefits that will be bestowed upon the employee once he joins the company. This also works as a guarantee from the agent/employer whereby to stand clear in any case of misunderstand, misrepresentation or mistake.