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Why hire a Nepalese instead of other foreign nationalities?
Nepalese manpower is comparatively cheaper than the rest. They have a great set of skills that distinguishes them from workers of other nationalities. They come with inherent values that are based on loyalty, discipline and hard work. They quickly adapt to different cultures and environments.

How can I hire Nepalese workers?
You can communicate with us through email, phone or fax. You can also leave your phone number, email and name for us to contact you later.

How many workers can I hire?
You can hire any amount of workers provided the job is legitimate. Position, salary and other details can be mentioned in the demand letter. Please refer to our section on Required Documents for details.

What are the documents that I need to prepare to get the workers?
You need to provide us the following:
Demand letter
Power of Attorney
Agency/Employment Agreement
Employment Contract
For more details on what each of these are, please refer to the Required Documents section.

How can I select the kind of workers that I need?
You can send a representative to interview a worker. You will have the complete resume of the worker too. We can make a hotel reservation for you if in case you want to visit Nepal for a personal interview. Online interviews can also be conducted.

How long should I wait after I select the workers?
You can expect the workers to be working with you and your company within 2/3 weeks or less after the official procedure has been completed and upon submission of complete documents from employer.