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Message from the Chairman

Dear Clients,

Since its conception, Munal Overseas Pvt. Ltd has proved to be a conscientious and responsible organization. We had always envisioned a company that could re-define recruitment services. It was a serious challenge, the one that required skills, attitude, competence, and determination. We have done our best to establish ourselves as a reliable and professional agency. We have achieved this by creating an organized and systematic procedure that promotes speedy processing of documents and smooth deployment of its qualified workers, that is, in accordance with the government rules and regulations. We have successfully maintained good relations with overseas principals, brokers and employers and ensured maximum employment benefits to all our overseas foreign workers, not just in terms of wages but also other non-wage considerations.
Over the years, recruitment hasn’t been our only forte. We are thorough while conducting post-development and/or on-site support services to ensure the welfare and well-being of the deployed workers in their workplace. It is important for us to find out that our employers have been compliant with their obligations. It is also important to us that our agents and employers remain happy with our services and with the kind of recruitment we do. Perhaps it is because of the quality of our work that our business is growing towards broader and newer horizons. As a recruitment company, our reach is continuously upward and we are finding new ventures and business opportunities. And with it, the challenges are overwhelming too. But even as we look out to this new evolving market and the implications of the rise and fall of the global economy, we shall always continue on our quest for excellence and live with the one code that remains deeply engraved within our hearts – Service for Quality and Satisfaction.





Chandra Kumar Tamang