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Success Stories/Testimonials


“Working with Munal Overseas made it very easy to recruit foreign employees. They provide the best manpower available in Nepal.” –EZ Building Trading and Contracting, Qatar

“Munal Overseas has the best team when it comes to short listing candidates. Every candidate was almost perfect at the interview.” –European Guarding and Security Services Company, Qatar

“I think Munal’s correspondence is its best quality. They are prompt and deliver fast.” – Lebanese American, Qatar

“Recruitment is tough business. There are numerous procedures and even a single false or incompetent step can ruin the entire process. I am happy to work with a company that takes great care in each and every step. It genuinely displays their professionalism.”- Al Armini Trading and Contracting, Qatar

“Construction workers are of a different breed. They are hard to find. Thanks to Munal Overseas, that they were able to fulfill our demands quickly and efficiently.”- Al Zumrah Building Services and Contracting, Qatar

“I was apprehensive in the beginning and during the entire recruitment process. But the team at Munal was exceptional at putting all my fears to rest. I congratulate them for doing such a wonderful job and giving it a personal touch.” – Sugar and Spice, Qatar

“I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that here’s one company that works with a finesse that one rarely gets to see in the HR business.” – European Guarding and Security Services Company, Qatar

“Munal Overseas has a bright future. It’s not easy to find such professionalism and efficiency in the market of today. I am glad that I chose to work with a company that exudes such proficiency in what they do.”- Bright future Tyre Recycling Factory, Qatar

“Quick, tactical, genuine and reliable.”- A to Z Company, Qatar


“It’s been an immense pleasure working with Munal Overseas. It’s been many years and they have always delivered to the best of their abilities.”– PT Swift Marketing SDN, BHD, Malaysia

“Munal Overseas has been a backbone of our recruitment services. We rely on them heavily for our labor deficiencies.” – Guocera Tile Industries, Malaysia

“Munal Overseas’ work impressed me on multiple levels. They have an uncanny sense for what we were looking for, really listened effectively to what we were seeking and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills.”- Kako Suntax, Malaysia

“We are very pleased with our set of employees and the way Munal conduct their business. It has been a great experience working with them.”- Empire Security, Malaysia

“Working with Munal Overseas has been an incredible joy. In this age of impersonal business functioning, the fact that one can actually communicate with caring individuals, who seem to love their job and their company, is not only refreshing but sets them ahead of the competition. Well done.”- Xecuretronix, Malaysia

“One of the things that is great about Munal is they are very flexible. Their recruiters have a vast amount of experience and are multi-talented with different industry expertise.”- Aluputer Manufacturing, Malaysia

“They have brought issues up and had a good pulse for the organization, and they also had great recommendations on what to do when affecting change. I think the team of Munal has smart people who get up to speed very quickly. They are immediately on the ground, very practical, and meld into the organization well.”- Richwise, Malaysia

“The team of Munal Overseas had a disciplined approach to both data gathering and analyses, coupled with their strong communication style.”- TWP, Malaysia

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank your entire team for superior service and a superior manpower you have provided us.”- Don Shusi, Malaysia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“Munal has far exceeded our expectations, both in getting results and in providing world class manpower. They have held our hands when necessary making us feel supported all the time. Doing business with Munal has been a pleasurable experience thus far and has helped us increase our productivity.”- Ajwa Al-Deerati Restaurant and Kitchen , KSA

“Munal has been an amazing resource for us over the past few years. Not only do they provide manpower, but they work with us to develop the best way to track our coverage, which helps us analyze our human resource initiatives and determine if we’ve met our goals and objectives.”- Othman H. Al-Hawas TRD, KSA

“With Munal Overseas we get fast response time; experienced, friendly professionals; and, best of all, peace of mind. Year after year, Munal proves that it understands our needs and the importance of human resource to our company.”- Al Madaj Establishment, KSA