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Mission and Values

At Munal Overseas, we are devoted to a certain set of ideals. We have a reputation for integrity, competence and professionalism. Recruiting people is a great privilege and our mission is to do our job with honor, dignity and efficiency. Nepal has, over the years, seen some rough times and to employ the people who deserve better lives makes our trade all the more important. We see to it that Munal Overseas remains a law abiding entity, having in mind the interests of the country and its people first, and its own, last in the order of its business priorities. Munal Overseas follows business ethics strictly and we are counted among the few agencies in Nepal that observes all the rules and regulations imposed by the Ministry of Labor.

We do not always look at economic benefits, although that remains the purpose of any business but respect and recognition is by far, our greatest pursuit. Our database of potential employees ranges from skilled professionals like teachers, engineers, medical practitioners and construction, general or factory workers. Our strategy for managing business is straightforward and this aims at incorporating awareness of quality in our organizational culture to benefit everyone in business with us. All our operations are transparent and in accordance with law and justice, we give all applicants and equal opportunity with being biased on issues of caste, gender or backgrounds. We hope that what we do shall in the long run provide more overseas employment opportunities that would be beneficial to the interest of the country and its people.

While we present opportunities for every able candidate, we do have a rigid process of screening them. This is important to make sure that they have the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes that would fit the employers’ criteria. Attending to the needs and requests of our clients is our utmost concern and nothing can be achieved without long-term business relations. We are passionate about excelling in what we do. The theory of consistency while performing our duties is what drives us towards honesty and proficiency. We also use the best technologies for search and communication on both levels of our business respectively. Proper and complete documentation, effective system, and smart workforce are integrated into one to produce the best service that is at par with the world. While operating our business, we emphasize on comprehensive screen and testing methodologies to adhere to the best practices and standard operations. We believe no amount of quality certificates can ever replace our management’s commitment to delivery of our business and this has been the key to our company’s growth over the years.